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Technology High integrity, anti-corrosion and mechanical protection ultrathin coating that cures in seconds (No VOC, HAP, isocyanides, 100% solids)
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Organisation Region North America
Overview A UV curable, high integrity sustainable system that can be used as a repair coating on existing coated surfaces or on carbon & stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, glass, fiberglass, plastics and more. Cures in 10 seconds or less upon application of UV lamp. This is a 100% solids liquid coating that does not contain solvents, VOC, HAP, isocyanides and can be customized to meet specific performance needs such as anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, anti-graffiti, chemical and mechanical resistance, flow assurance and more.

The technology was originally developed together with the Department of Defence of the  United States of America for the aerospace industry for use in aircraft’s outer shells.

The Innovator has further enhanced the technology and coating system for use on the automotive aftermarket parts, concrete flooring, hot moulded plastic, water tank’s interiors, marine as well as developed an economically feasible blend that can be easily customized for virtually any application with any particular properties needed.

The existing technology provides an efficient and cost effective alternative for high performance coating needs, including corrosion resistance, abrasion and impact resistance.
The coating system is provided ready to apply. It needs no solvents nor contains any VOCs, HAPs, chromates or other polluting materials. As a single part technology, just stir before use (no mixing required).

When compared to epoxy and polyurethane paints currently used, in various industries the technology provides improved corrosion and mechanical protection at a much lower film thickness with no need to pre-heat the substrates prior to application  as well as reducing your existing material, labor and chemical application costs. It cures in 10 seconds or less per square foot once the UV light from the specified lamp is applied.

The coating system can be used as a repair material over pre-coated surfaces eliminating maintenance shutdowns and other costs.

The coating system is a proprietary acrylic-urethane hybrid providing improved mechanical protection over typical urethanes without the use of isocyanates as well as the highest anti-corrosion protection available. It’s chemical composition allows the coating system to adhere to epoxies, phenolics, acrylics and urethane coatings.

The system is suitable for subsea, marine and wet use as well as dry and under insulation use.

For some business the Innovator's coatings will compete with and replace anodizing aluminum.

Market ready products are available from the Company for specific substrates-use as is or to add additional properties. As an example, the Innovator concrete coating, typically used on plant floors, warehouses, hangers among others, is easily applied, does not “zipper” like other UV concrete coatings, as it is not water based, and can withstand some incredibly tough chemicals (battery acid, aerospace hydraulic fluid, MEK, etc), while providing great adhesion properties, impact protection and abrasion resistance. This technology is also classed as non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

NOTE:  The Innovator does not typically hand out samples for customer to try because they feel strongly that the training aspect of using their sustainable coatings is critical to its success in the marketplace. Therefore, the Company has designed a training program including a video demonstration of an application. Curing equipment is readily available; can be applied by spray, roller or brush; advanced prep of substrate is the same as any process currently used with the exception of steel pre-treatment needs. This coating technology can replace costly and hazardous coatings technologies like fusion bonded epoxies, ELPO and ecoats as well polyurethane paints which use the cancerogenous isocyanide.

  • Opportunities: The coating technology is beneficial to industries such as, Automotive, Oil&Gas, Construction, Food and Pharma working in clean rooms, aerospace as well as general industrial manufacturing facilities among many others. Some more detailed examples are the following:
  1. Oil and Gas: Pipelines and Field joint coatings (Exterior stand alone, under insulation and interior) as a repair material or base primer plus topcoat system in 2 layers. Subsea and Topside structures and production systems as standalone anti-corrosion and mechanical protection or under insulation.
  2. Marine: Vessel hulls, decks  and ballast tanks.
  3. Automotive: Aftermarket parts (break gears, chasis, etc). Could replace ELPO process subject to certification. Trailer & container exterior and interior.
  4. Construction: Coating of metal structures and sheet metal including cold rolled steel.Repairs on pre coated roofing panels. Repairs on metal columns. Coating of concrete flooring in plants, warehouses, hangers etc.Anti-graffiti protection of walls.Water and Waste tanks interior and exterior.
  5. IT: LCD screen coating for TVs, phones, etc
  6. Food and Pharma: Clean room panel coating / repairs. Concrete floor coating (non-hazardous).
  7. Aerospace: Airplanes & Helicopter’s exterior hulls.
  8. Military: Tanks, bulletproof vehicles (excellent impact resistance).
  9. Toy & Moulded Plastics: On hot moulded plastics even before cooldown.
  • Development Stage: Commercially available for aluminium, stainless, carbon and galvanized steel as well as concrete substrates. Application on plastics are still under development as well as glass and LCD screens.


Possible Applications:

Coatings for Vessel hulls, decks and ballast tanks, Pipelines and Field joint coatings, Aftermarket parts (break gears, chasis, etc), Coating of metal structures and sheet metal including cold rolled steel, LCD screen coating for TVs, phones, etc (pls see opportunities above for more info.)

Competitive Advantage

A. Curing Speed (1 – 10 seconds per sq ft compared to 4 to 21 days curing for epoxies and urethanes which are the technology’s main competition). B. Performance (equal or better mechanical protection when compared to epoxy and polyurethane paints, better anticorrosion protection when compared to epoxies and polyurethane paints. UV curable competitors fail in the anticorrosion and mechanical protection properties, those who do have anticorrosion properties are not tintable or are water based with significantly lower mechanical performance versus Innovator’s technology and market available epoxies and polyurethanes). C. Thinner film layers. The technology is designed for a thickness of 2 to 4 mils compared to 30+ mils of our epoxy and polyurethane competition. D. Environmentally friendly (No Volatile Organic Compounds, Isocyanides, Solvents or other hazardous components common in polyurethanes and epoxies ). E. 100% solids (when compared to the 30 – 70% solids of the typical PU and epoxy competition). The technology can be customized to specific substrates for specific properties and needs. The Innovator can provide customers with exactly what they need without the "off the shelf" generic solutions, however, existing coatings are available off the shelf for carbon and stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, and concrete (plastics is under development). The above Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) provides unique cost saving efficiencies in the anti-corrosion and mechanical protection industry. To name a few examples: - Manufacturing plants, warehouses and hangers could paint, repair or repaint their entire concrete floor (10,000sq ft) in under half a shift (3 - 4 hrs) and be able to continue with normal business after lunch, when compared to a 2 to 7 day shut down for maintenance when using epoxy or polyurethane floor coatings. You could comfortably coat 2 km of pipes for spools (bends / elbows) for oil, gas or water pipelines for use offshore or onshore in 2 weeks when compared to over a year of coating activities when using a typical phenolic epoxy 3 layer system. You could eliminate highly costly and hazardous production processes of pre and post heating, chemical pre-treatment and multi stage coating needed for systems like ELPO used in the automotive industry, fusion bonded epoxy and other powder and liquid coatings. You could eliminate a whole production processes needed to aid coating and painting needs, by being able to do a white wash just after de moulding plastics. You could save your client millions in marine fuel. Thick vessel shells on military and commercial cruise liners no longer exist. Technology and defence systems has allowed a 10mm ship’s outer shell to be reduced to 6mm. Now, Innovator’s technology allows a typical 1mm coating to be replaced without compromising anticorrosion or mechanical properties to a 100 micron thickness (0.1mm). The reduce thickness dramatically reduces the fuel consumption of the ship as well as improving their potential speed by reducing their overall weight.

Development Stage:

Intellectual Property:

As is typical in the industry, technology is maintained as a trade secret.

Innovator The Company is commercializing to applicators and distributors a high integrity UV curable sustainable coating system with over 10 years of track record in certain applications.