Technology (UPN: 58)

Technology A natural alternative to retinol for cosmetic uses
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region North America
Overview A natural extract from a marine organism as a natural alternative to retinol.

The proposed technology is a natural and patented powerful anti-ageing retinol mimetic ingredient derived from a marine organism. It has an excellent topical efficacy profile, superior to retinol without any side effects. Hence, it can be used as a natural alternative to retinol.

This technology has demonstrated positive and significative effects on skin rejuvenation:

  • improvement of the hydration;
  • Improvement of skin elasticity & firmness;
  • Reduction of wrinkles.

Efficacy on skin explants:

  • 2,5 X increase in epidermis thickness
  • 2,5 X to 3 X increase in collagens synthesis (Coll. III and IV)
  • 4 X increase in GAG synthesis

Clinical trial on human volunteers (28 days, « split face » against placebo):

  • - 18% on wrinkles depth
  • - 21% on wrinkles width
  • + 9% on elasticity
  • + 8% on firmness
  • + 12% on moisturization

Safety studies: AMES, HRIPT, Patch Test, HETCAM.

Stability study: stable with shelf life of 24 months in glycerine without preservative.

Easy to formulate: colourless and odourless

This speciality ingredient is available in large quantity, through a sustainable and environmental friendly supply chain.

Possible Applications:

Anti-aging care, Renewing and regenerating skin care, Anti-wrinkle treatment.

Competitive Advantage

Principal advantages bringing the technology superior to its competition are: - Natural alternative to retinol with superior activity and with no adverse side effects; - Excellent scientific dossier; - Ex vivo and in vivo tests proving its significant cosmetic efficacy on numerous parameters; - Low dosage needed in formulation; - Easy to formulate (stable, water soluble, no color and no odor); - Easy storage; - Competitive cost (below 3$US of ingredient per kg of formulated cream).

Development Stage:

Commercially available

Intellectual Property:

The patent covers USA, Europe and Japan.

Innovator The company is specialized in developing and marketing innovative and science-based specialty ingredients for natural health products and cosmetic markets.