Technology (UPN: 57)

Technology New processing technologies for high-performance thermoplastic composites
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region European Union
Overview The cost effective manufacturing processes enable automated production of high-performance thermoplastic composite parts and their joining into a geometric complex shape.

The proposed processing technologies combines new preforming methods for thermoplastic composites with specific developed press and joining processes, in order to fully automatise the manufacturing process and allow for short cycle times, by offering the possibility of geometric complex designs.

For example, the cost effective manufacturing processes enable to produce round parts, such as car wheels from carbon fiber reinforced plastics on an industrial scale.

Key advantages of the processing technologies are:

  • a fully automatic round press manufacturing processes
  • cost effective manufacturing processes
  • weight reduction opportunity

Opportunities: In general, where lightweight and high-volume thermoplastic composites parts are required such as, automotive parts, blades for wind turbine and machine industry (fast moving resp. light parts)


Possible Applications:

Faster, automated processing technologies, Lightweight structural automotive composite parts., Fast moving composite parts for the machine industry., High performance composites materials, Lightweight parts for wind blades.

Competitive Advantage

Competing technologies are processing technologies for thermoset composites (prepreg, RTM, etc…). The proposed technologies are faster, automated and the products can be better recycled.

Development Stage:

In user / Testing result available

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Intellectual Property:


Innovator A spin-off company specialized in development of new processing technologies for high-performance thermoplastic composites, with focus on high-volume technologies. With 15 collaborators (12 of which engineers), the company is a highly skilled technology company with extensive know-how in material choice and development, composite design, preforming and forming technologies as well as joining technologies and finishing methods.