Technology (UPN: 55)

Technology Innovative process for the production of metal fluorides
Organisation Type Company (University Spin-Off)
Organisation Region European Union
Overview A recently developed process to produce nanoparticles on the basis of metal-fluorine compounds. These metal fluorides offer new perspectives to a broad range of applications including coatings, ceramics and catalysts.

The proposed technology enables to produce very small and metal fluoride particles in stable forms. The particles are produced via a fluorolytic sol-gel route yielding to a direct synthetic access to homodisperse lower nanometer metal fluoride particles.

Especially when nano-metal fluoride particles are homogenously dispersed in a solvent, it represents a great potential for uses in the areas of optics, photovoltaic, ceramic, and dental applications, as well as catalysis and anticorrosive layers.

In optics, those metal fluorides offer superior effects such as, low index of refraction with high transparency up to the UV range, than for all currently known alternative materials.

For coatings or surface treatment, because of their specific chemical properties and their ability to protect against corrosion, against mechanical and/or chemical and/or sanitary attack, and to reduce friction - those metal fluorides are of major interest.


Possible Applications:

Anti-reflective treatments for Optics, Transparent & Anti-reflective treatments for Photovoltaics, High performance ceramics, Strong catalyst based on metal fluorides, Metal fluorides antibacterial coatings, Metal fluorides protective coatings.

Competitive Advantage

Nanoscale metal fluorides particles are only available by using the Innovator developed process. In the field of anti-reflective coatings those particles are way superior than the today used SiO2 coating concerning optical transmission (almost 100%) and therefore the degree of reflection (< 1%). Furthermore, these particles tend to have a great impact when used as additives for other materials such as polymers, as well as ceramics. Used as an additive in oxide ceramics you will discover a high increase in transparency and abrasiveness, which offers new fields of usage for these ceramics. The same effect is to be seen within the field of polymers.

Development Stage:

In user / Testing result available

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Intellectual Property:

Patented process.

Innovator Company's main objective lies in transforming the technological potential derived from the basic academic research of the company's founder into various industrial applications. New product development, from synthesis to physical/chemical characterization to applications tests can be organized in company's facilities. Currently, the company is working with partners in the industry on solutions for the large-scale production of these new nano-materials.