Technology (UPN: 54)

Technology Elastic fast swelling hydrogel
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region North America
Overview A fast responsive superporous hydrogel technology. The crosslinking is maintained by hydrolyzable diacrylate polymer and vinyl modified polypeptide. As these crosslinks break down, the material will start to fall apart and shrink. In addition, this superporous hydrogel is elastic (mechanically resilient) as it can be stretched more than 100% of its original size.
The technology/product or material absorbs water rapidly and can expand quickly as either a solid or a powder. It leads to a translucent solution which viscosity is maintained up to 12 hours. It represents a simple, easy to use thickening technology by simply adding the powder product. It can also be compressed into a quick dissolve tablet. Its viscosifying power relative to xanthan gum is roughly equivalent.
The material is not carbohydrate based and so it is resistance to hydrolysis by salivary amylase and has no noticeable flavor.
The technology is normally crosslinked so its flow is very low however by reducing the amount of crosslinking its flow can be improved.
Features summary:
  • High swelling ratio;
  • Fast Responsiveness: superporous hydrogel technology allows preparation of hydrogel systems that change their dimensions in a matter of a minute, regardless of size.
  • Higher strength compared to standard superporous hydrogel,
  • An elastic superporous hydrogel: that can stretch more than 100% of their original size (mechanically resilient);
  • For easy swallowing;
  • Based on US-FDA GRAS materials.

Samples of standard formulation are available for purchase (for research purposes) and superporous hydrogels can also be custom formulated to match desired application.

Possible opportunities: Diet Control Aid; Hydrogel Tablets for Oral Administration, tissue engineering and Non-pharmaceutical Applications.


Possible Applications:

Bioactive filler material for wound treatment, Swellable material for drug/cell delivery, Beverage thickener, Thickener for paints and coatings.

Competitive Advantage

Competitor technologies for this one include a variety of lightly crosslinked formulations with acrylic acid and other monomers as well as biological materials. By combining all aspects this technology creates a biocompatible yet highly swellable matrix all into one material.

Development Stage:

Working prototype or Sample ready for testing

Intellectual Property:

The company holds a patent that describes the platform technology (US patent).

Innovator The company is specialized in specialty polymers.