Technology (UPN: 53)

Technology Natural additives for the paper industry
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region Middle East
Overview The company is developing natural and environmentally-friendly additives for the paper industry. ‎

The company main product is activated fibers. The fibers are activated by a specialized plant extract consiting of a specific enzyme capable of polymerizing the fibers. When added to the paper pulp, the activated fibers reacts and cause cross linking between the fibers. This brings about an increase in the paper’s wet strength. As a result, this product can replace harmful chemicals used today in the paper industry and enhance paper wet strength.

Main features of the proposed technology are the following:

  • A natural, environmental friendly wet strenght additives.
  • The new technology provides wet strength to paper while keeping it recyclable.
  • It can impart temporary wet strength properties that is a desirable attribute for paper products that come into contact with water, such as toilet tissue and facial tissue. Meaning that, the technology will allow for proper disposal after the intended use.

Possible Applications:

Natural additive for corrugated and paper board wet strength, Natural additive for the paper industry, Wet strength additive that allows paper recycling, Temporary wet strength for tissue paper, Natural wet strength additive.

Competitive Advantage

The technology will replace current polluting/ toxic chemicals used today in the paper industry.

Development Stage:

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Working prototype or Sample ready for testing

Intellectual Property:

The company holds 3 international patent.

Innovator A bio-tech start up.