Technology (UPN: 46)

Technology Grease resistant coating as an alternative to fluoro-compounds
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region North America
Overview The proposed technology consists of a grease resistant food packaging coating for paper mills that is sustainable, natural and biodegradable. It represents a natural alternative to the use of non-biodegradable fluorocarbon coatings as a grease and oil barrier.

This new natural and water-based formulation coating is made from a by-product of corn. It is “generally recognized as safe” by the Food and Drug Administration and it is a competitively priced replacement for fluorinated compounds.

It can be used in numerous applications where oil and grease-resistant barrier properties are required, such as fast food containers, freezer paper, donut boxes and pizza boxes.

Possible Applications:

Natural grease resistant coating for paper, Coating additive for paper.

Competitive Advantage

Currently, paper mills use fluorocarbon compounds to provide oil and grease resistance for food packaging applications. While fluorocarbons make the paper grease resistant, those same compounds make the paper or board non-biodegradable. The proposed technology is therefore a non-fluorocarbon based grease and oil resistant coating additive.

Development Stage:

In user / Testing result available

Intellectual Property:

US patent protection

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