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Technology DNA Aptamers and Aptamer-Based Diagnostics
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Organisation Region North America
Overview The Innovator is selling some of its patented or patent-pending aptamers to the public R&D community. The Innovator has also leveraged funds to produce a new portable (G2 FLASH) reader for its DNA aptamer-magnetic bead sandwich and FRET-aptamer assays. The assays are either developed already or are in development for the major foodborne pathogenic bacteria (Campylobacter, E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, and Listeria) and clinical analytes such as bone loss (osteoporosis) and cardiovascular markers.

DNA aptamers provide several key advantages over traditional antibodies in that animals are not required for their production.  This saves time and money.  DNA aptamers can also have greater affinity (binding strength) and be more specific for their target molecules.  


The Innovator has developed and patented novel one step (no wash step) intrachain Flouorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)-aptamers to compete with conventional end-labeled aptamer beacons.  The Innovator has published a great deal of this work for peer-validation (references available upon request). 

The Innovator’s second generation (G2) FLuorescence Assay Handheld (FLASH) reader is highly portable, battery operated and ultra-sensitive.  The G2 reader and aptamer assays have detected 10-100 pathogenic bacteria per mL in third party validation tests.

The same G2 FLASH reader can be used for rapid (< 30 minute), portable and ultra-sensitive aptamer-based detection of deadly viruses, parasites and clinical analytes such as bone loss markers and cardiovascular markers.

Possible Applications:

Food Safety Testing, Clincal Diagnostics

Competitive Advantage

DNA Aptamers are less expensive and faster to produce than antibodies while having potentially greater binding affinity or strength and greater specificity or selectivity. The G2 FLASH reader is a handheld (portable), battery-operated, highly sensitive fluorescence reader device that when coupled to the Innovator’s aptamer assays gives very rapid (< 30 minute) test results on site.

Development Stage:

In user / Testing result available

Intellectual Property:

US and WO Patents

Innovator A research division of the Company focuses on developing novel DNA aptamer conjugates for use in portable microbial diagnostic devices.