Technology (UPN: 41)

Technology Yeast protein production platform
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region European Union
Overview A protein production platform has been established based on Hansenula polymorpha (Pichia angusta) yeast strains with the ability to efficiently export proteins of interest into the cell-free culture supernatant.

A number of products derived from Hansenula are already marketed worldwide, several others are in clinical trials. These products are the perfect proof for the reliability of the technology offered.

The co-expression of host derived chaperones has been established as a unique tool for the reliable and significant boost of secretion levels of recombinant products. Between 50 and 350% increase in the secretory capacity of our host strains have been achieved for several different target proteins. Even the amount of secreted phytase, originally produced at 13,5 g/L, can be further enhanced by overexpression of chaperones such as Calnexin.

The yeast technology is advantageous to other approaches due to:

  • 100% stability of production cell lines
  • high-copy gene expression (up to 120 copies per cell)
  • methanol-free fermentation
  • co-expression of two and more genes in one production cell line
  • marketed reference products available

The technology offered is mature and applied in the manufacturing and marketing of several products worldwide.

A broad toolbox is available for optimized production cell line development involving well established, fully characterized host cells, optimized vectors with and without antibiotic resistance marker and chaperones for engineering of product secretion.

Possible Applications:

Recombinant protein production

Competitive Advantage

Competitive yeast technologies such as S. cerevisiae and P. pastoris either lack the stability and productivity of Hansenula or require cost- and time-intensive fermentation due to induction with methanol.

Development Stage:

Commercially available

In user / Testing result available

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Intellectual Property:

Several patents granted for individual technology elements.

Innovator A Company that provides services for production and optimisation of microbial recombinant protein strains, especially with yeast organisms.