Technology (UPN: 38)

Technology Nanopore technology platform
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region Oceania
Overview A nanopore technology platform that enables high-throughput measurements of particles as they passes through a pore. The highly precise analytical nanotechnology uses tunable nanopore-based measurement to rapidly determine the size, charge and concentration of particle populations with individual particle resolution.

Particles are driven through an size-tunable pore by applying pressure and/or electrophoretic force, for accurate measurement and analysis. When one particle passes through the nanopore, it generates a resistive peak that provides information about the particle (size, surface charge, shape and concentration of particles in the sample).

The platform provides the unique capability of simultaneously mapping individual particle size and zeta-potential measurements for particle populations. This provides high-resolution and representative information on complex particle systems which is not available with optics-based technologies. The lack of requirement for sample pre-treatment, means biologically relevant conditions and sample types can be studied. Sample type: Particle size: 50nm–20μm / Concentration range: ~10^5–10^12 particles per mL

Possible Applications:

Analysis of Drug Delivery Particles, Rapid Quantitaiton and Analysis of Viral Vectors, Rapid Quantitaiton and Analysis of Viruses & Viral Vaccines

Competitive Advantage

The advantages of the platform are high accuracy, and low operating cost and flexibility. Using size-tunable pores allows single particle detection and provides significant resolution advantages over averaging technologies such as Dynamic Light Scattering

Development Stage:

Commercially available

Intellectual Property:

World IP

Innovator A company that designs and manufactures precision instrumentation for nano- and micro-scale particle analysis.