Technology (UPN: 34)

Technology Specialized vacuum-assisted resin transfer method for infusing fabric-based composites
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region North America
Overview Novel manufacturing methods for the creation of carbon or glass composite materials and structures through the use of a specialized vacuum assisted resin transfer method. This process yields a stronger composite than standard infusion processes. Results are near the same as composites made by autoclaving woven or non-woven materials however the time and costs are substantially less than autoclaved composites.

The Company has developed a novel method for infusing epoxy based adhesives into woven or non-woven fabrics.

The goal was to develop a less costly composite manufacturing process that would yield the same strength and properties that are currently produced in ultra-expensive, energy-intensive high-pressure autoclaves. The company has exclusively licensed the technology from a major US university. The “out-of autoclave” infusion process creates composite structures with strength that previously could only be produced in autoclaves.  The cost of the company’s novel infusion process is substantially less than competing autoclaved processes and composite structures can also be made in a fraction of the time required by autoclaves.   

Possible Applications:

Aircraft construction, Automobile and truck parts, Wind turbine blades

Competitive Advantage

Autoclaving is the only current process that yields the desired epoxy/fabric (fiber volume fraction) ratio that produces composites with the required strength. The Boeing Company has a proprietary out-of-autoclave process but it does not appear to produce a product that will match typical autoclave results. The company’s infusion process is faster, cheaper and yields an industry desired strength and quality.

Development Stage:

Commercially available

In user / Testing result available

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Research or Experimental

Working prototype or Sample ready for testing

Intellectual Property:

Patent pending – USPTO United States. European patent position being considered.

Innovator The Company was incorporated in 2008. The two primary founders are seasoned business and technical managers. The CEO has thirty years of top level executive business management, and CSO is world recognized composites expert who has consulted with major aerospace and defense industry companies. The company is also supported by two part-time technicians and one business development manager.