Technology (UPN: 31)

Technology Biopolymers-based advanced meltblown manufacturing process and products
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region North America
Overview An advanced manufacturing process with a robust patent portfolio and trademarks for long-term value. High value end meltblown non-woven products for scalable niche markets. Microbial control platforms integrated to specialty non-woven fiber products (roll-goods or finished products on an OEM basis to large customers).

The technology and product platforms are based on two fundamental principles:

  1. A deep expertise in antimicrobial formulations: the Innovator does not limit itself to any particular set of antimicrobial platforms available in the commercial market.  Rather, it compounds and formulates customized and unique solutions for targeted specific applications.  Hence, the Innovator can consider metals (for example, there are commercially available silver releasing powders that have obtained FDA and EPA approvals), metal compounds, surface active agents, surfactants, quaternary ammonium compounds, organic acids, inorganic acids, biopolymers, antioxidants, and others provided in any combination and concentration.  The combination and concentration of the various elements depends on the several factors such as the specific textile type, type of targeted end-use, the nature of the microbes to be controlled and hindered and other synergistic affects with the conditions present in the application environment.
  2. Non-woven substrates made from meltblown process, specifically with polylactic acid PLA (the Innovator is capable of running petroleum basis polymers for specific application also). The Innovator is one of the companies commercializing product platforms with this polymer for multiple markets.

Other important considerations :

  1. The Innovator can offer step-change in performance and cost-effectiveness for non-woven materials, specifically manufactured from biopolymers (such as PLA, PHA).  We offer commercial products with these capabilities at the current time (we are a high-throughput custom product provider).
  2. The Innovator's focal point in meltblown non-woven manufacturing, with the non-woven infused/integrated with specific antimicrobial (contact and gas phase) chemistry, together with other specific chemistries and etc.
  3. The intellectual property is a combination of filed patents and in-house trade secrets.
  4. In terms of strength and porosity, from meltblown non-woven materials and processes having been developed, the Innovator can offer material webs that are completely porous to very non-porous (ASTM specific MVTR qualification tests are conducted) and also materials that have a wide range of tensile strengths (ASTM grade tensile tests are also conducted in-house with the Innovator instrumentation).  Whether it  be temperature resistance to required flexure to opacity to other specific parmeters, the Innovator endeavor to see a product solution that is required by the end customer. A significant amount of this range capacity is driven by fiber diameter, fiber weight, additives and modifiers and process settings.
  5. The Innovator has a very specific and transparent conversation about application and requirements (and performance benchmarking) with its potential customers.

The Innovator business model is predicated on the below strategic and tactical principals:

  • Direct relationships with OEMs on scalable applications.
  • Differentiated and unique products to OEMs, developed along stage-gate and specified deliverables.
  • Partner with specific supply chain expertise to leverage the Innovator capabilities and flexibility.
  • Sales and marketing channels to be implemented with partnerships with existing players with significant presence in the market-space.
  • To implement its IP portfolio via licensing if possible.


The Innovator is very focused on going to market with great rapidity.  So, if there is an application at hand that it believe it can address, the Innovator development timelines are no longer than 6-12 months.  So, with all transparency, the Innovator is not interested in a 2-3 year go-to-market strategy.  Everything the Innovator does, it does not do at a laboratory scale but with the full expectation of going from ideation to manufacturing ramp in established timelines within a 1 year timeframe.

Possible Applications:

Non-woven material for skin care products, Non-woven material for insulation products, Food shelf-life extension packaging, A non-woven disposable and antimicrobial material, A wound healing and medical textile, Plant Growth Media

Competitive Advantage

Meltblown technology is fairly mature; however the Innovator has modified this technology to include some very unique and novel characteristics for very specific market demands (biodegradable, bioresorbable, antimicrobial and infection control characteristics, etc). Its manufacturing line is narrow width which allows to manufacture products that are very much outside the realm of traditional convertors. Also, unlike traditional non-woven manufacturers the Innovator supplies the rolls goods or the actual end product to the end customer depending on application, supply chain logistics and market dynamics.

Development Stage:

Commercially available

Intellectual Property:

Strong IP depending on the application and the products the Innovator manufactures (US protection at the current time).

Innovator A non-woven manufacturing company that is laser focused on scalable applications with a specific urgency level in market areas which are underserved because current solutions either don’t exist or the incumbent products are completely unsatisfactory. The Innovator works with large customers along stage-gate milestones which result in an product order stream at the conclusion of the development project. The Innovator only tackles a small number of these projects on an annual basis in order to devote its creativity and focus.