Technology (UPN: 24)

Technology Environmentally friendly wood chemicals
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region European Union
Overview Novel efficient chemicals for the industrial treatment of all wood. Fire retardants and preservatives are all environmental friendly and comply with EU directives.

The preservatives are directly infused in wood- based products. They are applied by surface treatment or vacuum/pressure impregnation or immersion methods.

Environmental friendly wood preservatives and fire retardants are safe, non-toxic, cost-efficient  and easy-to-apply.

Provide a long-term protection against fire, fungi, blue stain and weathering without damaging the natural environment.

Opportunities: For all  wood industry and wood-based construction industry.

Possible Applications:

Fire retardants for treatment of wood, Preservatives for treatment of wood.

Competitive Advantage

Designed for efficiency in industrial use. Safe and environmentally friendly. Comply with all EU-legislation. Support using wood in eco-building.

Development Stage:

Commercially available

In user / Testing result available

Working prototype or Sample ready for testing

Intellectual Property:

Several PCT and EPO patents.

Innovator A clean-chem-tech start up, small innovative organization, fast growing to global markets, high networking degree.