Technology (UPN: 143)

Technology Innovative encapsulation technologies for controlled release of functional ingredients and medicinals
Organisation Type Company
Organisation Region European Union
Overview A serie of core technologies that are based on patented encapsulation techniques designed for targeted and controlled release of vaccines, antibiotics, probiotics, nutrients and a wide range of sensitive food ingredients. Efficiency systems have proven to be efficient “DHL” ingredient delivery services in the human and animal body. In this way, this can help industry to enhance and develop new products with proven health claims.

The Innovator develops, licenses, produces and commercialises “DHL” ingredient delivery systems for food, feed and pharma companies. This Innovator is dedicated to the development of novel encapsulation systems for controlled, pulsative and delayed release of sensitive bioactives, probiotics, micro-nutrients, polyphenols and drugs.

They provide more than ‘one size fits all’ carrier systems for the pharmaceutical, food and feed sector; and design and develop unique delivery vehicles to support the commercial needs of global customers. Its delivery systems have proven benefits for the protection and stabilization of bioactive ingredients during delivery to the target site in the body. These delivery systems are practical, scalable and cost-effective technologies tailored for product commercialization, life cycle management and patent extension in food, feed and pharma industries. 

They have succeeded in working with multi-national companies with product applications for pigs, fish, cows, horses, dogs, cats and humans. Their core encapsulation technologies are patented for targeted and controlled release of vaccines, probiotics, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, bacteria, cheese cultures and a wide range of sensitive food and sports ingredients. Efficiency of their delivery systems has been proven to support specific label claims required for sale of products to humans and animals alike. More importantly, its customers can benefit from enhanced product performance, improved production yields, longer product shelf-life and significant reductions in production and raw material cost. One of their greatest achievements is that their encapsulation systems are based on natural low-cost materials with no synthetic additives, organic acids, or artificial agents.

The Innovator can help industry to enhance existing products or to develop new products with proven claims for improved health and wellbeing for their target market. They seek an industry partner to help expand its product portfolio in the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry. Its technologies are tailor-made to suit specific ingredients and so, it is dedicated to working with industrial partners looking to add value to their existing or expanding product ranges. 

They can provide scientific ‘know-how’ and technology expertise for industry clients seeking to access new markets or planning product upgrades. The Innovator further provides a contract production service to assist with product commercialisation.

Possible Applications:

Delivery of Bioactives to target regions in the human body, Carotenoid Delivery and improved absorption, Delivery of bioactives and probiotics in dairy systems, Delivery of bioactives in liquid beverages, Delivery of dietary supplements in cost efficient encapsulation systems, Controlled delivery of satiety hormones for weight management, Fatty Acid delivery, Delivery of Clinical Nutrition via encapsulation, Delivery of functional ingredient in food and beverage formulations.

Competitive Advantage

The Innovator's encapsulation systems have been investigated for efficacy and delivery efficiency across a range of clinical trials. The delivery systems, in their capsular form, have long-term stability; are gastro-resistant; and have controlled-release. Innovator's technologies can help i) reduce costs; ii) improve production yield and shelf-life; iii) enhance product functionality and iv) provide competitive advantage for customers.

Development Stage:

Commercially available

In user / Testing result available

Proof-of-concept or Laboratory prototype

Intellectual Property:

9 patents technologies available for licensing to food, feed and pharma commercial partners

Innovator The mission of this company is to develop, license, produce and commercialise “DHL” ingredient delivery systems for food, feed and pharma companies. They seek cooperation with a partner who is interested in adding value to food, feed and pharma ingredients. This company specifically works with companies manufacturing bioactive ingredients such as probiotics, peptides, vaccines and pigments. Partners are expected to be committed to securing a long-term partnership. The company has more than 10 postdocs employed and a board of scientific advisors to critically assess its technologies for commercial applications.