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UPN Ref Application Title and Description
57 Lightweight parts for wind blades.
Composites blades for wind turbines made from new efficient manufacturing processes.
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55 Transparent & Anti-reflective treatments for Photovoltaics
Ultrathin, antireflective coatings made of nano-metal fluorides that can combine low index of refraction, with high transparency…….
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39 Lithium titanate (LTO) nanofibrous material for Li-ion batteries.
Enabling lithium batteries to be expanded into applications such as hybrid cars or fully electrical cars.
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34 Wind turbine blades
Stronger and more fatigue resistant blades. The process may be adaptable to on site blade manufacturing.
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33 Wind turbine blades
Stronger, lighter, fatigue resistant blades
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3 Provision of power in remote locations
Textile fabrics on roofs, to charge batteries for powering lighting at night.
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