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UPN Ref Application Title and Description
202 Water Treatment.
Decalcification Heavy metals extraction
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196 Organic waste treatment...
The oxidation of (biological and chemical) refractory or hazardous waste in supercritical water is promising because it allows a fast burning of substrates in a confined and homogeneous environment where oxygen and organic compounds are soluble.
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164 Prophylactic airborne infection prevention
Formula of 2 natural oils that are food based that the vapors of which kill a broad array of pathogens
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65 Functional additives as carrier for pollution treatment.
Particles can be loaded with a functional chemical liquid and utilized as a dry blend to enhance oil recovery.
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39 Polymer nanofibrous membranes for water and air filtration
Made of Nylon 6, PUR, PAN, etc and thanks to its unique structure and porosity has very high filtration efficiency, strong mechanical and chemical resistance and can be used for liquid/ water filtration or air filtration (HVAC).
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