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UPN Ref Application Title and Description
196 Elimination of pesticides from agricultural products
Efficient & selective removal of unwanted, toxic compounds. Soluble organophosphorus or organochlorine pesticides which are greatly soluble in SC CO2 and therefore easily extracted by such processes.
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70 Agri-chemical Dispersant
The proposed technology acts as a dispersant for a wide variety of agri-chemicals.
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40 Crop protection phage agents
Foliage sprays, irrigation additives, seed coating against common crop pathgens such as CM, Erwinia, etc
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5 Microbial formulation for seed coating
Microbial formulation in large-scale agricultural applications, in particular, for sustainable use of biocontrol microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast.
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4 Agent for delivery of herbicides and pesticides
The material could be formed into rigid or sheeted articles to deliver herbicides or pesticides.
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