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UPN Ref Application Title and Description
196 Particles design
SCF processes are developed for increasing bio-availability of poorly soluble molecules, designing sustained -release formulations and preparing drug delivery.
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47 Evaluation of digestibility of pharmaceuticals
To assess bioavailability, bioconversion and mode of action of single substances and/or combinatory effects of complex mixtures after total digestion or at each step. Explanation of unwanted side-reactions which occurred in individuals during clinical studies.
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35 Food-drug effect evaluation
Assessment of the effect of food on the lumenal availability and absorption of pharmaceutical products.
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35 Dose-dumping assessment
Testing to predict likelihood of dosage form failured that could lead to sudden release of the active.
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35 Alcohol interaction quantification
Assessment of the effect of alcohol on the integrity and drug release performance of opioid based products.
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35 Gastro-retentive dosage forms evaluation
Evaluation of dosage forms designed to remain robust within the stomach environment to facilitate controlled delivery of active to the small intestine.
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35 Metabolism and stability assessment
Assessment of the metabolic and hydrolytic stability of oral pharmaceutical products.
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35 Biorelevant testing of pharmaceuticals
Evaluation of dissolution of poorly soluble drugs.
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