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UPN Ref Application Title and Description
202 Bone regeneration in dental and orthopedics
Bone (re) generation in dental and orthopaedics.
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59 Electrospun nanofibers for wound dressings
Medical grade polymers spun into nanofibers with or without particles.
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54 Bioactive filler material for wound treatment
Bioactive filler material to fill in deep wounds. Degrades away as cells reinfiltrate.
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32 Treatment for scar forming process and other minor skin complaints on the adult skin.
Formulated with the natural extract, Centella Asiatica, which is known to have a positive effect on the skin by improving the blood circulation in scar forming processes. The unique Natural Centella Asiatica extract properties are also known to have a good antibacterial effect.
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31 A wound healing and medical textile
Advanced wound care dressing and materials
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17 Biomaterials as bone substitute and tissue repair for orthopaedics
Repair of hard and soft tissue (e.g. bone and cartilage or ligament). Tendon repair; Composites for bone replacement; Bone void filling and Spinal applications.
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17 Biomaterials for cell engineering
As a matrix for cell adhesion and proliferation/ growth.
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16 Alginate foams for advanced wound care
Foam wound dressing that enhances the healing environment for problem wounds such as chronic ulcers and pressure sores.
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