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UPN Ref Application Title and Description
163 Aeronautical Propulsion
High volume, laminar air flow suitable for lighter than air craft
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134 Radar system
Allow aircraft to avoid dangerous airborne objects more effectively by providing pilots with more rapid advance warning about their presence, distance, and trajectory.
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90 Source of three-dimensional motion
Two VTEMs can be configured to move in a straight line axis. Therefore, three pairs of VTEMs can move a ship in any direction including the z-direction.
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61 Anti-icing coating for transportation
Prevents ice formation e.g. on airplane wings.
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34 Aircraft construction
Out-of-autoclave structures without the expense of autoclave composite construction. Faster, cheaper and higher throughput.
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33 Aircraft construction
Lighter, stronger aircraft structures. Improved durability over existing composites
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33 Composite repair
Improved and stronger repair of damaged composite structures
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23 Aeroplanes maintenance and dismantling operations
Industrial dismantlers of parts for recycling or repairing.
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2 Bio-jet fuel, Bio-jet fuel additives
Our technology enables production of bio-jet fuel and bio-jet fuel additives like alkylated benzenes from bio-based fats and oils
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