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62 Cooling appliances insulation with high performance VIPs panels
No fear of A+++. More space, less energy consumption in cooling and freezing devices with VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panels). Increasing requirements according to the energy consumption of cooling and freezing devices, determine even higher requirements to the thermal retention ability of the used insulation materials. Conventionally used foam insulation with heat conductivities between 22 and 25 mW/mK is not enough to fulfill these requirements any longer. Only by the increase of the insulation thickness with clear reduction of the utilizable inside volume respectively by expanding the external dimensions of a refrigerator, the requirements can be fulfilled. The use of Vacuum Insulation with a heat conductivity of < 0,005 W/m*K is often the only alternative to fulfill the requirements regarding energy efficiency.
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31 Non-woven material for insulation products
Advanced Specialty Non-Woven Materials for Textile insulation products
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