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70 A safe, non-toxic, edible, organic nano-material for use in multiple applications
A safe, non-toxic, edible, organic, low-cost, nanomaterial that can be applied in many applications including: Personal Care, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Agri-chemical and Food Products. The company's mission is to fulfill a rapidly growing global demand for eco-friendly polymers produced from sustainable sources that also enhance the performance of consumer products and provide new and unique properties.
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54 Elastic fast swelling hydrogel
A fast responsive superporous hydrogel technology. The crosslinking is maintained by hydrolyzable diacrylate polymer and vinyl modified polypeptide. As these crosslinks break down, the material will start to fall apart and shrink. In addition, this superporous hydrogel is elastic (mechanically resilient) as it can be stretched more than 100% of its original size.
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36 Surgical tissue sealant
A light-activated, biocompatible and fully biodegradable surgical tissue sealant. Based on EITHER fibrinogen OR gelatin, the sealant presents high burst strength, is low-swelling, biocompatible, and has been developed for soft tissues applications.
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25 Carbohydrates for pharmaceutical and nutrition purposes
A technology platform based on carbohydrate systems for application in food and pharmaceutical issues. The company is active with respect to encapsulating drugs and nutrients (in different formats) with carbohydrates to control their taste, release properties and site of release. It involves different strategies for different APIs/nutrients.
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