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Supercritical fluids are involved in a wide variety of applications which have shown a significant progress in recent years. Many industrial sectors are concerned including cosmetics, pharmaceutics, materials, chemistry or energy. Other areas are in rapid development such as the cleaning of mechanical parts or the surface preparation of microelectronics. It should be noted that water (Tc = 374 °C, Pc = 221 bars), which critical point is higher than that of CO2 (Tc = 31 °C, Pc = 74 bars), is nevertheless very much studied as a reaction medium, finding applications in the synthesis of nanoparticles and the recovery and treatment of waste.
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48 Home 24 hours alarm system
A peripheral device for home security systems that is installed over an opening (Door/window) and it protects it for 24 hours a day. The protection is total for the structure and the glass. The owners live as if they do not have an alarm system in their home (they can freely open the closed door window while the central system is armed).
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