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150 Engine multi-starting for city and urban driving
Turning car engines off in traffic jams or stops will save on fuel consumption, engine maintenance, noise, pollution and battery drain. This is made possible by using a new concept called slow-start with the help of an add-on available on the market for 100$.
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137 Exhaust-gas recirculation system
Exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) is a known technique for reducing the NOx emission of combustion engines. In the case of EGR, some of the exhaust gases are fed back to the inlet of the engine. A problem in the case of exhaust-gas recirculation is the metering of the quantity of exhaust gas in the inlet duct. This determines the emission of the respective internal combustion engine. In order to limit the NOx discharge, sufficient exhaust gas has to be recirculated. On the other hand, an unduly large addition has the consequence that the power of the internal combustion engine is adversely affected if this is at the expense of the quantity of air. With an excess EGR flow, the particle emission also increases.
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90 Variable Torque Electrical Motor
The Variable Torque Electrical Motor (VTEM) is designed to convert variable input electrical power into a varying output mechanical torque. The value of electrical power input to the device determines the specific value of the output mechanical torque.
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57 New processing technologies for high-performance thermoplastic composites
The cost effective manufacturing processes enable automated production of high-performance thermoplastic composite parts and their joining into a geometric complex shape.
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18 Packaging system for storing, mixing and dispensing reactive components on-demand
A patented packaging system for storing two chemical components separately and then having them mixed/dispensed at the point of use. Initially developed for medical uses, the technology is available under license in other areas of applications such as, e.g. construction chemicals, paints, coatings, and adhesives.
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