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163 High Performance, Fuel-Saving, Marine Propulsion Advancement
The Innovator has developed three breakthroughs in fluid dynamics that combine to form a remarkable model for marine propulsion, high volume pumping and focusable laminar discharge fans.
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40 A bacteriophage lysates production technology
A method for the commercial production of bacteriophages composition. The method decreases the production volume and increases the production yields.
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9 Anti-inflammatory agents
Novel anti-inflammatory compounds have been discovered with both topical and oral availability. The applications would be cosmetics, functional foods, supplements and pharmaceuticals. The Innovator has a niche expertise in iminosugars and related compounds from plants and micro-organisms.
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8 Antimicrobial plant extracts
Early stage non-volatile components of food chain extracts. Non-volatile components of several food chain extracts have been isolated and have interesting activity on various bacteria, including gram-negative E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Initial data have been collected for pharmaceutical use. A bio-based and natural technology. Water-soluble compounds are the niche interest.
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