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109 Phyto-acaricides technology for control of ticks in animals
Novel phytoacaricides for the control of chemical acaricide resistant tick species in animals. The proposed technology is safe, non-toxic to human and animals, non-contaminating for the ecosystem and chances of resistance is less.
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40 A bacteriophage lysates production technology
A method for the commercial production of bacteriophages composition. The method decreases the production volume and increases the production yields.
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31 Biopolymers-based advanced meltblown manufacturing process and products
An advanced manufacturing process with a robust patent portfolio and trademarks for long-term value. High value end meltblown non-woven products for scalable niche markets. Microbial control platforms integrated to specialty non-woven fiber products (roll-goods or finished products on an OEM basis to large customers).
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15 Ecological plant pot containing a soil conditioner
A plant pot made of a fully degradable biopolymer which also acts as a soil fertilizer. The biopolymer is a fully natural product which slowly decomposes and releases nitrogen and sulfurs in the soil, both elements required for plant growth. The addition of specific inorganic product during plant pot formation increases the rate of biopolymer decomposition.
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5 New method of encapsulation
Metal oxide micelles modified with organic ligands on the surface have been prepared. The ligands applied in sol-gel synthesis of inorganic materials are hydrophobic ones such as carboxylate or phosphonate groups. Positively charged micelles are attracted to the negatively charged cell membrane surface, are discharged and coalesce to form a continuous shell. This unique bioencapsulation method covers also the approaches for chemically or biochemically controlled release of the bioactive components, tissues or organisms from said particles.
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1 Biolabels
The proposed technology consists of self-adhesive compostable materials from renewable resources. All materials are coated with EN13432 certified permanent adhesive.
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