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70 A safe, non-toxic, edible, organic nano-material for use in multiple applications
A safe, non-toxic, edible, organic, low-cost, nanomaterial that can be applied in many applications including: Personal Care, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Agri-chemical and Food Products. The company's mission is to fulfill a rapidly growing global demand for eco-friendly polymers produced from sustainable sources that also enhance the performance of consumer products and provide new and unique properties.
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40 A bacteriophage lysates production technology
A method for the commercial production of bacteriophages composition. The method decreases the production volume and increases the production yields.
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26 Natural-based deodorant additive ingredient
An extract from a good accessible edible plant biomaterial that shows a novel biological mode of action by inhibition the microbiological biofilm formation in the underarm region of the human body. It is scientific proved that the bacterial growth responsible for malodor is reduced by the active principle. The extract has been modified in such a way it can inhibit bacterial growth for at least 24 hours.
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7 In vitro 3D skin model technology
A highly reproducible full thickness primary human skin equivalent, uniquely capable of the surface growth of skin microorganisms in their natural state. It is used as a high-grade research platform for the testing of active ingredients and topical formulations for claims support in all areas of dermatology, skin care and cosmetics. The highly defined structure and responsive biology provides opportunities for far more sophisticated and predictive experimentation than simpler, less capable models and human and porcine ex-vivo materials.
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