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Supercritical fluids are involved in a wide variety of applications which have shown a significant progress in recent years. Many industrial sectors are concerned including cosmetics, pharmaceutics, materials, chemistry or energy. Other areas are in rapid development such as the cleaning of mechanical parts or the surface preparation of microelectronics. It should be noted that water (Tc = 374 °C, Pc = 221 bars), which critical point is higher than that of CO2 (Tc = 31 °C, Pc = 74 bars), is nevertheless very much studied as a reaction medium, finding applications in the synthesis of nanoparticles and the recovery and treatment of waste.
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164 Antiviral vaporizing balm for colds, flu and other contagious diseases propagated via air or breath.
A combined formula of natural oils that the vapors of which kill a number of airborne pathogens. Used as a prophylactic in high risk zones or as a remedy for sinus or lung infections.
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70 A safe, non-toxic, edible, organic nano-material for use in multiple applications
A safe, non-toxic, edible, organic, low-cost, nanomaterial that can be applied in many applications including: Personal Care, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Agri-chemical and Food Products. The company's mission is to fulfill a rapidly growing global demand for eco-friendly polymers produced from sustainable sources that also enhance the performance of consumer products and provide new and unique properties.
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66 A probiotic derived cosmetic ingredient
A probiotic ingredient that has been shown to provide significant multiple anti-aging benefits.
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51 Photochromic polymers for human uses
The proposed technology consists of new photohromic polymers developed by using novel photochromic naphthopyrane derivatives. These polymer materials are safe and biocompatible.
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25 Carbohydrates for pharmaceutical and nutrition purposes
A technology platform based on carbohydrate systems for application in food and pharmaceutical issues. The company is active with respect to encapsulating drugs and nutrients (in different formats) with carbohydrates to control their taste, release properties and site of release. It involves different strategies for different APIs/nutrients.
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13 Low temperature mogul technology for center filled vital gums
The Innovator has developed a low temperature mogul technology, which gives the producer the possibility to produce center filled and unfilled vital gums from starch. The products consist of about 20% starch®, glucose / sugar syrup, flavors and colors. The center filled vital gums can be filled with heat sensitive liquids between 10-20%.
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