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90 Variable Torque Electrical Motor
The Variable Torque Electrical Motor (VTEM) is designed to convert variable input electrical power into a varying output mechanical torque. The value of electrical power input to the device determines the specific value of the output mechanical torque.
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38 Nanopore technology platform
A nanopore technology platform that enables high-throughput measurements of particles as they passes through a pore. The highly precise analytical nanotechnology uses tunable nanopore-based measurement to rapidly determine the size, charge and concentration of particle populations with individual particle resolution.
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14 Supercritical water process for total degradation of organic molecules
Around its critical point at 221 bars and 375°C, water is a highly oxidizing medium. Oxidation of any organic molecules undergo in a very fast chemical reaction with oxygen species from the critical water. The residues of the reaction are mainly carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and sulphates and phosphates.The water at the output of the process does not contain any more organic molecule.
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