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202 Biomimetic synthetic bone graft substitute
Synthetic bone graft substitutes, especially granules, lack of interaction with the human body and present high cristallinity compared to the human bone. The technology of interest here allows the manufacturing of a biomimetic calcium phosphate product, in granular form of different sizes, and phases proportion (Hydroxyapatite and B-TCP). Its superior specific surface area accelerates its degradation while its low cristallinity makes it much closer to the bone, makes it BIOMIMETIC.
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164 Antiviral vaporizing balm for colds, flu and other contagious diseases propagated via air or breath.
A combined formula of natural oils that the vapors of which kill a number of airborne pathogens. Used as a prophylactic in high risk zones or as a remedy for sinus or lung infections.
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109 Phyto-acaricides technology for control of ticks in animals
Novel phytoacaricides for the control of chemical acaricide resistant tick species in animals. The proposed technology is safe, non-toxic to human and animals, non-contaminating for the ecosystem and chances of resistance is less.
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59 Unique nanofiber production method
A technology that enables nanofibers to be produced at a much higher rate than conventional electrospinning. The process enables new applications for nanofibers.
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42 Virus-like particle based vaccines
VLP based vaccines are developed via presentation of the antigen of choice on the surface of highly immunogenic virus-like particles produced in a safe, low-cost and vaccine applied yeast system. Proof-of-concept has been achieved for different target antigens in animal studies with excellent B- and T-cell specific immune response. The platform is broadly applicable for the development of human and veterinary vaccines.
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40 A bacteriophage lysates production technology
A method for the commercial production of bacteriophages composition. The method decreases the production volume and increases the production yields.
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36 Surgical tissue sealant
A light-activated, biocompatible and fully biodegradable surgical tissue sealant. Based on EITHER fibrinogen OR gelatin, the sealant presents high burst strength, is low-swelling, biocompatible, and has been developed for soft tissues applications.
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32 An hygienic and easy to apply skin treatment
An emulsion technology in the form of a pump spray-on, to administer dermatological products as a measured dose application without the need to touch the product, thus avoiding cross-contamination, improving product and personal hygiene.
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