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164 Antiviral vaporizing balm for colds, flu and other contagious diseases propagated via air or breath.
A combined formula of natural oils that the vapors of which kill a number of airborne pathogens. Used as a prophylactic in high risk zones or as a remedy for sinus or lung infections.
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45 Aptamer-Based Therapeutics
The Innovator’s technology blocks the 3’ end of aptamers and other DNA oligonucleotides (e.g., antisense DNA) with proteins to stabilize these potentially therapeutic molecules in the body. The proteins can be simple serum albumins or more functional proteins such as the Fc tails of IgG antibodies or C1q to trigger the immune (complement) system to opsonize (phagocytize) or punch holes in cancer cells, Gram negative antibiotic-resistant bacteria and parasites. Specific aptamer sequences can also be used to coat deadly viruses such as West Nile and dengue viruses to curb their progression in vivo.
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44 DNA Aptamers and Aptamer-Based Diagnostics
The Innovator is selling some of its patented or patent-pending aptamers to the public R&D community. The Innovator has also leveraged funds to produce a new portable (G2 FLASH) reader for its DNA aptamer-magnetic bead sandwich and FRET-aptamer assays. The assays are either developed already or are in development for the major foodborne pathogenic bacteria (Campylobacter, E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, and Listeria) and clinical analytes such as bone loss (osteoporosis) and cardiovascular markers.
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42 Virus-like particle based vaccines
VLP based vaccines are developed via presentation of the antigen of choice on the surface of highly immunogenic virus-like particles produced in a safe, low-cost and vaccine applied yeast system. Proof-of-concept has been achieved for different target antigens in animal studies with excellent B- and T-cell specific immune response. The platform is broadly applicable for the development of human and veterinary vaccines.
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40 A bacteriophage lysates production technology
A method for the commercial production of bacteriophages composition. The method decreases the production volume and increases the production yields.
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38 Nanopore technology platform
A nanopore technology platform that enables high-throughput measurements of particles as they passes through a pore. The highly precise analytical nanotechnology uses tunable nanopore-based measurement to rapidly determine the size, charge and concentration of particle populations with individual particle resolution.
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35 Advanced in-vitro model to evaluate the disposition and bio-performance of oral pharmaceuticals and nutritional products.
A dynamic in-vitro system that fully replicates the complex biochemical conditions and the array of gastric forces crucial for the prediction of the bio-performance of pharmaceuticals and nutritional based materials.
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7 In vitro 3D skin model technology
A highly reproducible full thickness primary human skin equivalent, uniquely capable of the surface growth of skin microorganisms in their natural state. It is used as a high-grade research platform for the testing of active ingredients and topical formulations for claims support in all areas of dermatology, skin care and cosmetics. The highly defined structure and responsive biology provides opportunities for far more sophisticated and predictive experimentation than simpler, less capable models and human and porcine ex-vivo materials.
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