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135 Leaky wave antenna
Leaky wave antennas use a slot in a long dielectric support to transmit or receive an electromagnetic signal. Radiation escapes through the slot all along the length of the dielectric support. This ‘leakage’ is useful for creating an antenna with a large aperture. Existing leaky wave antennas sacrifice bandwidth for the aperture, however, because of structural limitations associated with the dielectric support: particularly, resonance of the radiation from the end of the enclosure. The invention circumvents this obstacle by using a truncated cone structure to amplify its radiative properties.
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83 High integrity, anti-corrosion and mechanical protection ultrathin coating that cures in seconds (No VOC, HAP, isocyanides, 100% solids)
A UV curable, high integrity sustainable system that can be used as a repair coating on existing coated surfaces or on carbon & stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, glass, fiberglass, plastics and more. Cures in 10 seconds or less upon application of UV lamp. This is a 100% solids liquid coating that does not contain solvents, VOC, HAP, isocyanides and can be customized to meet specific performance needs such as anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, anti-graffiti, chemical and mechanical resistance, flow assurance and more.
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67 High performance polymeric raw material for adhesive films
A new innovative polymer which vinyl acetate content can vary between 40 and 90 percent. The technology has outstanding tack characteristics, remains elastic at low temperatures and shows excellent shear strength.
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61 New superhydrophobic coatings
The technology consists of very strong superhydrophobic coatings that repel a variety of liquids and oils leaving the surface completely dry and clean.
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56 Breakthrough fiber-based battery separator
The nonwoven battery separator is formed from a specific assembly of nanofibers and microfibers that allows thinner, lighter and smaller batteries.
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48 Home 24 hours alarm system
A peripheral device for home security systems that is installed over an opening (Door/window) and it protects it for 24 hours a day. The protection is total for the structure and the glass. The owners live as if they do not have an alarm system in their home (they can freely open the closed door window while the central system is armed).
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39 Inorganic and organic nanofibrous materials
Novel nanofibrous materials have been developed such as ceramic nanofibers and organic nanofibers that have a plurality of applications.
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