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UPN Ref Application Title and Description
35 Probiotic survival
Assessment of the survival of various organisms such as probiotic “friendly” bacteria in different food systems.
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35 Digestion of foodstuffs and release of nutrients.
Evaluation of the integrity and release of key nutritional components from food matrices to determine the delivery profile to the systemic circulation.
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25 Taste masking and controlled delivery of nutrients
Carbohydrates based systems are used to mask undesirable tastes and to control release properties of nutritional ingredients.
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25 Satiety management
Carbohydrates as an aid to weight control.
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25 Hypoglycaemia management
Carbohydrates help to reduce glucose spikes associated with glucose/dextrin/starch consumption and extends the duration of digestion over many hours.
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13 Center filled gums for functional foods
Easy to eat and swallow, fast in application
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11 Weight management treatment
Orally available treatment
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